Ryan Phanphensophon

Ryan has delivered several international commercial and mixed-use projects, as well as residential projects in the UK, leading to successful long lasting relationships with international stakeholders, and private clients.

He actively identifies, and leads potential business opportunities within the scope of design in the wider spectrum of the market, internationally, allowing him to establish creative and authentic business partnerships that generate fruitful projects.

Ryan has also successfully adopted and implemented the Cube Zero methodology into projects to deal with complex relationships, interfacing between the client and stakeholders, while preserving integrity of the design vision.


Selected projects
Ramsden Road Residence
design-NA Architects, 2016
Southbury Road Commercial
design-NA Architects, 2016
Mango Tree on the River
Ryan Phanphensophon 2016
Coca Hua Hin
Ryan Phanphensophon 2015
Mango Tree Dubai
Ryan Phanphensophon, 2015
Avondale Rise Residence
design-NA Architects, 2015
DITP Milan Pop Up
Ryan Phanphensophon, 2015
Coca Academy
design-NA Architects, 2014
Jacob Kennedy Residence and Public House
design-NA Architects, 2014
Bravington Road Residence
design-NA Architects, 2013